Thursday, July 18, 2013


On 9th July, 2013, Pastor Joshua Lusembo Chenge of the Tanzania Assemblies of God (T.A.G) Mwakizega Parish in Kigoma, was arrested and remanded  by the Police, being accused of Sedition by disseminating Christian materials which teach and encourage Christians to envolve in animal slaughtering in compliance with Christianity doctrine. He was bailed on the second day by Simon Mkoko, a fellow church-member at Mwakizega Parish. The Police file case no. KGR/GB/ISO/Vol.11/12.

The Police Force in Tanzania has been commanded to arrest, remand and charge any non-Muslim who will dare exercise slaughtering animal contrary to the Islamic laws. Tanzania is a secular state constitutionally.

Pastor Joshua said he had prepared teachings about Biblical food and beverages in hand-out which was found by the Police officers, who later arrested before he was bailed.

 The fracas of animal slaughtering between Christians and Muslims in Tanzania, caused the death of Pastor Mathayo Kachila of Pentecostal Asemblies of God (P.A.G) in Geita. Christians in Tanzania protest the Islamic tenets to be applied and executed by the secular government as that would mean the religious preference of the government is Islam.

On the other hand Muslims cling that according to the Islamic laws, it is haram to consume illegal foods including meat which upon slaughtering, the name of Allah is not mention.

This action always cause dillema and leave the crisis unsolved, while Christians leaders and laymen are being arrested. Bishop Augustine Mpemba of the Field Evangelism Mission in Mwanza has fled the country for the same reason, seeking an asylum abroad.

Islam is a post- Christianity religion, and found Christians were observing their rituals of foods and beverages. What is happening today? What kind of a message does the authority is sending to the Christians who always are the victim of the circumstance? Pray for the complete freedom of worship in Tanzania. 


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