Saturday, October 13, 2012


 kanisa limechomwa Picha: Makanisa yachomwa moto katika vurugu zilizosababishwa na mtoto kukojolea Quran
 The Evangelical Lutheran Church, Mbagala Parish on fire set by furious Muslims

On Friday of 12th Oct,2012, five churches along with other properties, were  destroyed by furious Muslims at Mbagala surbub, Temeke District, in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, following the protesting of the defilement by urinating on the holy Quran done by the alledged 14 yrs Christian boy. 11 cars were also destroyed

The churches include Catholic Church  at Mbagala Zakhem, The Evangelical Lutheran Church, Mbagala Parish, The Seventh Day Adventist Church, Tanzania Assemblies of God, The Anglican Church Mbagala Parish.
The sources of the incident is the argument between the Christian boy and a 10 yrs Muslim boy over the power of the Quran to turn anyone who defiles into snake. The Christian boy swore he would not be harmed if he played with the Quran while his Muslim friend maintained that he would turn into a snake or run mad if he would do so.
The christian boy then urinated on the book.As he was doing so the Muslim man arrived and asked the boys why they were doing so. The old man and other people took the Christian boy to his home and handed him to his mother and told her what he had done. His mother responded that she would give them money to buy another Quran, the statement that angered the group which vowed to deal with the child.

The group then took the boy to the chairman of Chamazi local government where they secured a letter to take the boy to the police post for further questioning.Muslim mobilized more support during Friday prayers attempting to grab the boy from Police and beheaded him

This is the second similar incident within 10 months which involve the arguments over the power of the Quran.But all the time the Christian side becomes the victim leaving out Muslims who bring the Quran into the argument. Eva Mohammed, 19 yrs, on 32rd July 2012, was imprisonment for two years at Bagamoyo being accused of  urinating on the Quran brought by Ibrahim. Ibrahim is not arrested so far, so does the Muslim boy  who brought the Quran to the Christian boy.

The Christian community asks: Is this one among the many tricks to eradicate what fundamentalist Muslims call "Christendom in the land"? For how long will the churches be burnt? 

Pray for the Christian boy who still in the hands of Police that may God pave the way out of this hard situation and for the entire Church of Tanzania.


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