ISLAM:Spritually Myth, Historically False, Mathematically Absurd!

Islam is a post-Christianity religion, found by Mohammad (s.a.w) , the prophet of Islam, in 610 A.D. It claims syncretism with other religions especially Jewish and Christianity which Muslims all over the world still propagate the same claims until today. But in the contrary, when they are asked inquisitive questions about their religion and belief, most of them become either furious or seem to know nothing about their religion and their destiny. Further worse, some can tell lies. Because their Prophet Mohammad (s.a.w) has been recorded in authentic Islamic tradition books, teaching Muslims to tell lies in defending their religion and faith before non- Muslims . It's a problem!. So far, about 150 questions from the Islamic World which range from spiritual, social, economical and political, posed to Christianity have been, so far, clearly answered. Contrary to this, about 160 questions from the Christian World posed to the Islamic World, only one question has been, clearly, answered and that answer is: True, Muhammad ibn Abdullah ibn Abu Muttalib, was a real person who lived in Mecca, and died in Medina in 632 A.D. The rest questions, the Muslims World have no answers to them, because their religion is not only myth but also is full of fabricated stories of the ancient people. Do you know why? Visit here always.........

FINDTRUEFAITH is a non-profit Faith Based Organization, whose main objectives are:

(a) To promote and establish Christian doctrine study programmes, Christian History and Islamology in each Christian church, in order to strengthen and enable Christians and Christians Organizations to participate actively and effectively in evangelization mission to Muslims within and outside the country.

(b) Facilitate the capacity building of Christian churches, and Christian institutions to undertake research, study and analysis of important theological and social questions, the social economic, political, and cultural environment of Tanzania and promotion of inculturation in order to meaningfully and effectively respond to emergency challenges of bringing the Good News especially to Muslims.

(c) Dicern and promote the mission of Christian Churches and institutions in spreading the Good News of Jesus to Muslims in Tanzania, and all country members of East Africa and the entire world at large.

(d) Engage and facilitate participation of Christian churches and institutions in policy analysis, dialogue, development and advocacy at the national level.

(e) Promote the role of Christian women in Evangelism mission, including the strengthening and promotion of Christian women, young and children organizations, participation in living in daily dialogue and debate with Muslims (as they are immediate prey and victims of Islam) ,showing their unity and finding the needed Spiritual and showing their fraternity, harmony, and their struggle for the promotion of human dignity, justice and peace.

FINDTRUEFAITH's mission is therefore, to enhance and improve the capacity of Christians to play a central role in evangelizing Muslims through person to person evangelism,Christian way of life, open air outreaches, debates and dialogue.

FIND TRUE FAITH'S overriding vision, is to empower Christians of Tanzania and outside to, effectively, evangelize, and respond to challenges in reaching out to Muslims by understanding the Word of God through authentic interpretation and translate its message into real life without fear.

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