Monday, September 13, 2010


The intimidation of burning the Quran in America by Pastor Jonnes, must be put into consideration by all people of good will. I'm not supporting this idea because I know the outcome of it from the intolerable Muslims world wide.

The most important here is the "agreement entered between the Imam of the nearby mosque in one hand and Pastor Jonnes with his congregation in the other hand" of ceasing building an Islamic centre at the zero ground. Muslims in many ways are hypocrites and lairs.
Worst enough the traditions (ahadith) of their prophet Mohammad (s.a.w)( speak clearly of Muslims to tell lies when defending their religion before non-muslims.In the 3rd-4th edition of the book titled "Al Swadiq al Amin" (the truth and faithful) (swahili-arabic edition)by Sheikh Moosa Mohammad Al- Kindy of Mascut Oman, pg 57, hadith no 855 it says (the translation is mine)"All lies are sin except what shall benefit a muslim" it further says "You can tell lie when reconciling people who fight, or when a Muslim want to make a marriage proposal, and in defending Islam".
Therefore, what the Imam did (telling lies)to Pastor Jonnes is among the instructions from their prophet Mohammad (s.a.w).They have been,also ,frequently,doing to me as we make dialogue about their faith.They speak the other while intending to do the other. That is their way of life.Very sad !!!!!


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