Saturday, February 5, 2011


Muslims in Tanzania, recently, emerged with the claim to divide the nation of TANZANIA into two parts.
This perhaps is an echo of what happened recently in Sudan, where the country, through the opinion poll, divided into North Sudan where more Muslims reside and South Sudan where many Christians are found. The statement was made by Sheikh Ally Basaleh of the Mtoro mosque in Dar es Salaam when he was speaking to thousands of Muslims at Diamond Jubilee Hall during Press Realese condemning the statement of Bishops in Arusha who suggested that the election of Mayor is illegal and therefore must be resumed again.CHADEMA party organized the demonstration to protest and called its members, fans and other people in Arusha to participate. Police banned the demonstration, but people demonstrated.Police intervened and three people died when Police opened fire on people who were demonstrating.

The opinion of peace stake holder with other people of good will precaution ed that Such idea is very weak and poor. Because it is irrelevant to compare the political affairs of Tanzania against of that in Sudan. These are different countries.Perhaps Sheikh Basaleh, has an hidden agenda from the Islamic point of view with Tanzania.


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