Friday, December 23, 2011


A series of stories in the Europeans media, has experienced the Christian marriage breakages.
The Bible forbids divorce. Those who are not god fearing and are not ready to reconcile with their spouses when mis understanding arises in their marriages would want to find another way out.
The Bible records some couples who are exemplar for the future generations, and yet condemns those who did against  it, by calling them the "hardened hearts" 

I have seen many Christians who failed to upheld their marriages covenant, some have resorted to Islam searching the freedom of marrying and divorce.

In ISLAM ,Allah has permitted Muslims to marry up to four wives at a time, and has also permitted them to divorce whenever they feel to do so, because there is no a strong bound of the covenant of marriage in Islam.
 Europeans men and woman embrace Islam in order to enjoy this practice of marrying and divorce because to  them a woman or a man is like a commodity which can be changed at any time.

Muslims always have in mind the picture of beautiful women (Hourines) with big eyes, which Allah has promised them to reward in his Paradise.So, when  they find on earth similar women in Casino or elsewhere, they would begin enjoying them ,while waiting their promise from Allah

You can challenge me , if you think I am wrong. I will dig more to elaborate.


Anonymous said...

Dear author,think before you leap.No honest muslim man can divorce his wife for no reason as he knows that divorce is the most hatred lawful act to Allah.N how can a true muslim go to Casino while Gambling is unlawful in Islam.

Daniel Mwankemwa said...

I'm not sure if you have read the Quran thoroughly and the authentic tradition books of Islam especialy about marriage and divorce. Pls read again before Icome again in full to elaborate

Anonymous said...

There's no such Hadiths unless you write them down.1stly,Marrying more than 1 wife didn't start by Moh'd (saw).Our father Abraham had more than 1 wife,Moses had almost 100 wives,Jacob had more than 1 wife.But when Moh'd marry more than 1 wife thats the time you see.What do you say about the past prophets marrying more than 1 wife?

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