Thursday, September 20, 2012


On 6th September, 2012 at midnight, radical Muslims burnt two churches at Natuli village, Mdaula Ward, Bagamoyo District in Coastal region in Tanzania, 64 km from Dar es Salaam, as a perpertual campaign against Christianity and Christians in Tanzania.

The churches torched are The Anglican church which is ministered by Rev. Kevin Ngaeje and The Free Pentecostal Church in Tanzania (FPCT) under Pastor Boaz Miyengo

.A handful of churches have been torched by radical Muslims in Zanzibar and the mainland. The Pastors have reported the incident to the government.

On 7th Sept, 2012, The  Bagamoyo District Commissioner Hon. Ahmed Kipozi together with the District Administration Secretary (DAS), District Security Officer (DSO) and Police District Officer went to scene.

No human injury has been reported and the criminals have not yet been arrested so far.

Hon. Ahmad Kipozi promised the victims to visit them again in order to educate the community on the importance of promoting religious tolerance and peace co-existence among the people of diversity beliefs in the area.

For a year now, the incidences of torching the churches by radical Muslims, are increasing in the mainland of Tanzania. The aim of this harsh and cruel campaign is to root out  what  radical Muslims call "reminders of Christianity and Western Colonialism from the laws of the land and replace with one that will implement shariah law".

They demand that in the new coming constitution, Islamic shariah  should become the sole legal code  of the country. Some of the Muslim government leaders back up these movement and that's  why they are very reluctant to take the legal action against criminals


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