Thursday, August 22, 2013


Pastor Robert Menfold Mwashiuya (49) of the Evangelistic Assemblies of God Tanzania (EAGT)  Mlowo Parish, Vwawa Distict, Mbeya region, was banned preaching the Gospel at dawns programme,  by the  association of witch doctors.

Earlier, the witch doctor’s leader  Mr. Fanuel  Mwangasama, warned the Pastor with immediate stop preaching,  claiming that the  preaching creates  hatred against witch doctors in the area.
Pastor Mwashiuya’s preaching, associated witch doctor’s practice with the killing of peoples with skin disease, albinos, and mentioned  them as agents of the devil’s kingdom.  The statement made witch doctor furious. Among the accused of albino killings, were found in  Mbeya region.

On 18th July, 2013, Pastor Mwashiuya reported  at Mlowo Police Post for interrogation, where it was resolved that the trial must be brought before the court.

On 12thAugust. 2013, at Mlowo Primary court, before Hon. Kipomelo, Pastor Mwashiuya told the chamber court that he had permission to preach at dawn programmes  everyday  from the area authorities i.e Village Executive Office. Unfortunately, VEO didn’t attend the court that day, but Hon. Kipomelo ordered that VEO must attend the court on 20th August,2013.

On 20th August, 2013, VEO did attend the court and settled the dispute by telling the court that, his office is aware of Pastor Mwashiuya’s  dawn gospel programmes, where, Hon Kipomelo ordered Pastor to proceed with his progarmme.

Despite the judgement, one of the complainant, vowed  to torch churches, if the Pastor  continues with the programme. He was immediately, arrested by the Police, and remanded. He will soon appear before the court for threating.


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