Monday, February 16, 2015

A Christian Rosary Defiled in Kigoma Tanzania


A form four Christian secondary school boy and an Anglican Church member (name withheld), of the Hwazi Secondary. School,  Kasulu District,  Kigoma region, in Tanzania,  on Monday of 16th February, 2015 at  8:05 a.m , was, severely, beaten by his teacher, Mr. Matebo and cut his rosary claiming that, it is useless and dirty, but also,  not part of the school uniform. 

 Hwazi Secondary . is a government owned school.

The Anglican rosary,  is a loop of strung beads which Anglicans all over the World,  as well as Christians of other denominations, use to order their prayer .

It is permissible by the government secular for students in Tanzania, to wear the symbols of their religions at schools. This is also practiced by Muslim student girls who normally wear veil at schools.

The victim student run home crying  to escape more severe  punishment, leaving other students behind who also had worn their religious clothes i.e veils.

The  Headmaster of Hwazi Sec School, Mr. Jonathan Nkundile said, such action is un acceptable in the diversity of beliefs like Tanzania, and promised to deal with this religious discrimination. 

Kigoma region is among of the regions in Tanzania where Christians are highly persecuted psychologically, emotionally or physically by radical Muslims, who claim the Islamic superiority in the area. Some of these Muslims do not have names which can direct identify them with the religion of Islam, hence, not easy to notes them easily.


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