Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Muslims in mass are emigrating from their countries of origin to European countries and America seeking asylum after the unsettled situation in their countries.

This movement has two definition. The first is to secure their lives. The second is defined by fundamentalists as Hejira The first Hejira was made by the Prophet Mohammad in October 622 A.D from Mecca to Medina when the Muslims community was weak in Mecca. They migrated to Medina to re-organized and establish a strong Muslim community and army which later, would go back to fight against the Qureysh Arabs who oppressed them. Indeed, Mohammad formed a strong army in Medina which threatened  the Qureysh Arabs, and finally took a full control of Mecca and the Al-Kaaba.

We hear the same story today amidst the emigration of Muslims from their unsettled countries who define this migration as another Hejira. They see this as an opening chance to control the European continent. This is obvious in the fundametalist media.

Do they move to Europeans countries to establish a strong Islamic community so  that will go back to fight in their countries? Time will tell!

Are both civilized so that they can live peaceful among the diversity?
Is this Islamophobia or Civilization? Time will tell!


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