Sunday, November 28, 2010


I read with dismay about the position and rank of the two famous persons: Jesus Christ and Muhammad s.a.w, the prophet of Islam, as described in the book titled:" The Making Of Islam In East Africa,1993, by J.F. Safari.
In pg 25, J.F.Safari writes: " Another important distinguishing is about the roles of Mohammad and Jesus. According to Islam, Muhammad and Jesus are great prophets, but they are not divine, they are mere men. Of the two, Muhammad is greater and is the seal (last) of prophets"

My questions are
Jesus said He is greater than Jonah (Math 12:38-40) while Muhammad said " do not exaggerate me more to Jonah (Bukhar).

In another hadith says: Narrated Ibn Abbas (r.a) from the apostle (s.a.w) said that "It is not good for the creature to say I am noble than Jonah son of Matta. The prophet mentioned the name of his father and his" (Al-Lu'lu'wal-marjan, Vol.3 hadith no. 1537)
OUR QUESTION:Should we believe J.F Safari with his mere conjecture, or Muhammad s.a.w, who is the sole recipient of the revelation of the Qur'an?

How can a sinner Muhammad be greater than the Holy Jesus Christ?

How Muhammad who was born of biological parents Abdallah and Amina be greater than Jesus whose origin is of Divine nature?

How a mortal man Muhammad s.a.w who died and still in his grave to date, be greater than the immortal Jesus Christ who rose from the dead, and shall resurrect the dead including Muhammad(Rom 6:9,John 6:38-40, Rev 1:17-18)?

How a bewitched Muhammad be greater than Jesus Christ under whom all witchcraft and sorcery practices are subdued before Him?

My friend Muslims promoting a sinner Muhammad than Jesus is an absurd! Think about it and take action.



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