Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Pastor James Moses of The Pentecostal  Evangelistic Fellowship of Africa (P.E.F.A)  at Kalakala village, Nduguti Council, Kiomboi District, Singida region in Tanzania,  691 km from Dar es Salaam, on 6th May, 2012, was remanded for 2 days  at Nduguti Police Post, Kiomboi District, Singida region in Tanzania, being accused of slaughtering animal for meal purpose. The event took place during the burial service of the P.E.F.A’s church member, who had passed away a day before. The accusation was reported by Sheikh Hamza Thabit, a Muslim village leader.He was bailed on the following day by Pastor Steven of P.E.F.A

Earlier, before the meal time, Pastor James Moses, told the mourners that the funeral will follow the Christianity rituals and norms including meals. Apart from meat, he also prepared fish for non-Christians who could opt what to eat.
Muslims who also attended the funeral, refused to partake the meal, they, furiously, claimed that the meat was slaughtered against the Islamic shariah and law, and later reported the same at the Police Post, where the Pastor was remanded.

The accused Pastor will again face the same accusation at Kiomboi District on Friday 18th May, 2012 before it is taken to the District Court.

Such accusation is illegal, since there is no any provision in the laws of Tanzania which forbids non-Muslim to slaughter animals for their consumption.Christians have been charged for the same trials, although the Government refused a right of animals slaughtering to any sect of religion.

Animal slaughtering is one of the many indicators which reveal the Islamic hegemony over other religions in the secular state like Tanzania. It is a yoke which render   other religions submit to Islam coercively in the state. More information about this crisis will come soon.

Such oppression  must be immediately abolished to restore the peace co-existence in our community, hence discourage religiosity.


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