Friday, July 27, 2012


The District Court at  Bagamoyo in Coastal region in Tanzania, on July 23, 2012sentenced a two years imprisonment, a former Muslim girl,  EVA MOHAMMED, 19 years, (former name: HAWA) being  accused of defamation of the Qur'an .
 The judgement was entered before Hon. Mkasiwa.The File is Criminal Case No. 17/2012.

Earlier, it was reported that after her conversion in new faith, Eva, zealously, witnessed about the salvation in Jesus to her neighbor Muslims, who became furious of her  conversion. A Muslim man namely Ibrahim told Eva the Bible she had on her hand is inferior and fallible to her former book, the Qur'an. 

To prove his statement, Ibrahim told Eva to urinate over  the Madrasat book known as juzuu amma, threatening her that she would soon became insane.The action of Ibrahim  is malicious! On the other hand to prove the strong in her new faith in Christ, Eva urinated over the book, but nothing wrong happened to her.

It is said that Ibrahim had now fled to Kigoma, one of the most Muslim fundamentalists region in the country.

When other Muslims who were there noticed that nothing had happened to Eva, they  changed the incident as defamation and started  beating her, while calling other Muslims to come and kill Eva. Eva ran to the Police post for her security.

Later a group of furious Muslims gathered at the police post demanding Eva to be released by the police so that they can execute what the Muslim sharia reads at such incident, bearing in mind that she is a murtad (former Muslim).
The police officers didn't release Eva to them, instead they brought her before the court.At the court Ibrahim who brought the book was never sued, but Eva alone.

 Similar cases are many in Tanzania now days, which  face the converted Muslims. When they failed to harm them physically, they find a passive trick like that of Eva to persecute Christians. The same happened to Maganga in Zanzibar who also was sentenced a two year imprisonment being accused of burning the Quran while in fact it was a torn piece of paper of the Qur'an  which, unknowingly, was mingled in the rubbish by her landlady, after Maganga reverted again to Christianity after a short time of being a Muslim. There are many similar incidents are executed silently as a trick to persecute Christians in the country.

Please honestly, pray for Divine protection and peace of Christ in the heart of Eva in the prison, because  she is there for the sake of Christ. Join you hands with us, as we look for other means to appeal.


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