Monday, July 2, 2012


 Khalid  S. Mtwangi’s angle in the weekly Islamic newspaper namely AN-NUUR,  dated Friday of  June 29-July 5,2012 pg 14,  has, once again, emerged  with the  so called adversary between Islam and Christianity. Khalid is among the prominent fundamentalists Muslim who always stand against Christians and Christianity in Tanzania.
 Indeed, there is a long-time yearning of Muslims in Tanzania to re-instate shariah law in the land, so does Khalid. To them, as Khalid  sees, any obstacle be it in the name of constitution, the supreme law, or any   Christian intransigence that shall set back the movement, is considered a threat towards Islamic state, hence, cause fracas in the Islamic realm.

On the other hand to achieve this goal, they exhort the secular government to adopt the Islamic tenets and rituals that must be forced to Non-Muslims to exercise them coercively.  If this is not done, Khalid writes: surely there is limit to human endurance.

When the Non-Muslim media is creating the awareness to the community of Tanzanians about the dangerous of the current Islamic agenda, it is reckoned as denigrating Islam.

In countries where the majorities are Muslims, but where an Islamic State has not yet been formed, an Islamic reformation may occur, aiming to root out all reminders of Christianity and Western colonialism from the laws of the land. Indeed, there is potential for a revolution to overthrow the existing government with one that will implement the shariah. In the Democratic Republic of the Sudan many Muslims demand that the sharia should again become the sole legal code of the country.

Lebanon, Malaysia, Nigeria and Tanzania are examples showing the long-term political strife and trials involved in forming Islamic States.

The majority of the populations in these countries are not Muslims. Despite this ratio, Christian leaders are removed from their positions of influence, one by one, and newspapers and other media increasingly, transmit Islamic propaganda. The atmosphere in these countries is often tense and explosive.”

In fact the Rubicon of fundamentalists Muslims and the Islamic propaganda media, is conspicuously tied up with their common interest: Islamic Hegemony.
Should then Christian clergy ignore these sentiments of their flock? Certainly not.  Otherwise it will be a kind of nit-wits.


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