Sunday, April 28, 2013

TANZANIA CHRISTIAN LEADERS AT THE PEACE TALK WITH THE PRESIDENT DR.JAKAYA KIKWETE from the Tanzania Christian Forum (TCF) on 23rd April,2013 were invited to the State House for peace talk by the President of the United Republic of Tanzania, Dr. Jakaya Kikwete,  following the disappearance of peace due to  religious crisis between Christians-Muslims in the country.   .

"Let's talk how we get out from this situation and see the best way forward to ensure the peace co-existence in the society as we used to be." President Kikwete told TCF leaders.

Tension elevated between Christians and Muslims over the crisis of animal slaughtering, where Christians demand their right of slaughtering animals in accordance to  the Christian Biblical tenets. Such demand raged Muslims who used to slaughter for both commercial and domestic use for a long time. The fracas caused the death of  Pastor Mathayo Kachila in Geita region, who was beheaded by radical Muslims as they protested Christians to engage in that exercise. They insist that all other religions in the country must submit under Islamic law including observance of foods. Christians disagreed, and urged the government to adhere to the existing secular constitution, hence fracas.

The President will organize another talk in the future which will comprise all religious leaders in the country.


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