Thursday, April 11, 2013


Former President of The United Republic of Tanzania, who is also a Dean of the Foundation of the Sheikhs and Islamic Scholars of Tanzania, Alhaj Sheikh Ali Hassan Mwinyi, has settled the despute over meat crisis between Christians and Muslims.
"Every believer has a choice to practice his religion including observation of foods." said Former President, Sheikh Mwinyi.

Sheikh Mwinyi said this yesterday, before a panel of  the Sheikhs and Islamic Scholars of Tanzania during the  four days meeting, which is also attended by the Secretary General of the Muslim World League (Rabita), Dr. Abdallah Abdul Mohsin Al-Turki.
The panel is discussing and reflecting among others the development of religious relationship among the people, in reference to the occurred events which indicate the disappearance of religious tolerance in the country.

The government of Tanzania prefer Muslims to non-Muslims in the exercise of slaughtering animals for public consumption.

Several people including Christians from different parts of Tanzania have been arrested, remanded and charged by disobeying the order of the state.They claim that the government is forcing them to use foods prepared against their beliefs. It is said that some Pastors fled the country to escape arrest for being accused as seditious as they protest Islamic tenets in foods. Tanzania is a secular state.
In January this year, the government registered HALAL BUREAU TANZANIA, whose objectives is to certify foods which is prepared in according to the Islamic sharia.

The statement of the former President to the large extent shall, decrease the religious tension and bring harmony among  the people of diverse beliefs, if considered by the government.  


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