Tuesday, October 7, 2014


     Rev. Musa Mizaza of Muhunga Parish of the Anglican Church, Diocese of  Western Tanganyika, Kasulu District in Kigoma Tanzania since 30th July, 2014, receives a constant threat to be killed from radical Muslims, accusing him to ignore the Islamic rituals and norms during the funeral of the Christian woman, Jenitha George (70), who had passed away on 28th July, 2014.

    Radical Muslims demanded the observation of the Islamic Shariah during preparation of meals including animal slaughtering, for mourners. However, Rev. Musa Mizaza told the mourners that the funeral and burial ceremony shall follow the Christianity rituals and norms. This statement, made Muslims furious and angered.

    Later, on 5th August, 2014, the government Ward Executive Officer, Mr. Gervas Bunyiga after he had experienced the fracas between Muslims and Christians he held a meeting with the religious leaders. They all resolved that during occasions and funerals of either the group, the norms of the particular adherents should be observed. But if the occasion is non-religious which involves animal slaughtering, there must be two animals, of which one shall be slaughtered by a Muslim, while the rest by a Christian.This statement was denied by Sheikh Yasin Dyomba, a village Muslim leader who insisted that in all occasions Islamic Shariah must be observed and not otherwise.

   It is in this situation when Rev. Musa Mizaza started receiving threat from Muslims that to abolish this situation, they must kill Rev. Musa Mizaza or one of his family. Until today Rev. Musa Mizaza with his family live in a constant fear because they do not know when this will happen.

   Pastor Mathayo Kachilla of the Pentecostal Assemblies of God (P.A.G) at Buseresere in Geita region in Tanzania, on 11th February, 2013 was be headed by radical Muslims who protested Christians to slaughter animals for their consumption. They demanded that Muslims must monopolize the right of slaughtering animals in compliance with the Islamic shariah.

   Tanzania is a secular state constitutionally. However, Muslims struggle hard to capture the exercise for both commercial and domestic use.


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